Saturday, 13 December 2014

Top 8 Android Apps for Education

Top 8 Android Apps for Education

Choosing the best Android educational app depends on the preferred choices of the students. However with so many Android apps focusing around education selecting the top 8 reveals a plethora of amazing uses to enhance educational study.

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• Google Sky Map

Understanding the night sky’s extremely easy with Google Sky Map. Using GPS just point the app at the night sky and it will display the stars and constellations from the myriad of stars. Google’s app remains a favourite for science or astronomy students.

• Algebra Tutor

Algebra Tutor’s a superb math app serving all your mathematic educational needs. Algebra Tutor creates step-by-step instructions on how to complete algebra and kindly highlights where you made a mistake. This app has no age limit as it’s handy for every type of Android user.

• Cue Brain

This handy Android app serves as a language cue card instructional tool. Allowing for multiple cue cards based on specific languages from Chinese to Irish the diversity of languages helps to boost a uses understanding of language. Handy for travelling too as it works as an ideal educational language tool.

• Pocket Knowledge

This app has an answer for nearly every question in subjects ranging from math, culture, sports, weather, physics, chemistry, socioeconomic data, and nutrition. Pocket Knowledge’s a comprehensive general knowledge app that offers a multitude of information for the student.

• LSAT Assassin

The Law School Admissions Test app creates an ideal training ground for entry into this prestigious form of education. With additional tutorials, drills and exercises plenty of practice look set to make this app ideal for hose pursuing legal careers. In addition the Android app features cognitive and logic reasoning tests which make it suitable for other educational requirements.

• Sight Read Music Quiz 4 Piano

An easy to follow application that helps you learn how to read traditional sheet music. Handy for piano players as the display quizzes the user to identify the piano key from the musical note and attached sheet music display. Android’s Sight Read remains an ideal way to learn the piano when travelling.

• Flash Card Maker Pro

A brilliant app that helps create unique flash cards based on your own preferences. Ideal for students, as well as parents of younger children, the flexibility offered by this Android app remains outstanding. Using advanced gesturing and text-to-speech capability to create content, the user can easily generate flash information. The visual display presents a concise streamlined experience.

• Google Goggles

The newest version of Google Googles serves as a handy tool that gives information on a wide range of items ranging from text, landmarks, art, logos, contact info, and wine. Simply point the Android phone at the image and Google Googles will identify the item and provide you with a breakdown of information about the item. Google Googles a handy app for art students wanting to learn about art.


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The top 8 Android apps look set to remain firm favourites amongst both students and quite possibly their parents too. Learning has never been easier thanks to the implementation of bright Android apps. Education has opened the gates for further Android apps to hit the market.