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Techniques for Teaching Baseball to Younger Children

Techniques for Teaching Baseball to Younger Children

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Teaching baseball to younger children remains a rewarding experience, for both the coach, as well as the children. Suitable techniques can help introduce greater confidence into the younger baseball players mind. Simple practice drills will help inspire phenomenal baseball ability when it comes to the actual game. Children learn through fun activities, so keeping a well balanced training regime will help bring out the best in your young players.

The importance of drinking

Keeping younger children hydrated when teaching baseball, trough providing plenty of drinks, will help keep up their concentration levels during baseball training. Maintaining a handy array of snacks will also ensure that the younger kids have plenty of energy to give their utmost energy directly to learning baseball.

Teaching  the Slide

The baseball slide’s a key move within baseball and can make the difference between winning and losing. Ensure your children learn the correct feet-first slide, as head first sliding remains dangerous for younger children. Simply teach how to drop and bend their right leg behind their left leg as they slide into the base. The slide will finish with a “pop up” as the legs hit the base. Teach younger children this method as they slide for the “pop up”. When they hit the base the child should rise up onto two legs keeping an instant lookout for the location of the baseball. If necessary prepare your children to run to the next base.

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The power of positive encouragement

Simple positive reinforcement helps promote enthusiasm in younger children. Youngsters aged between five to six years old instantly learn the value of eye-to-hand coordination, an essential skill in baseball. Keep praising younger children to help promote their enthusiasm as well as their belief in their own abilities.

Overcoming fear through Tempo

How younger children overcome the fear of the baseball itself remains of fundamental importance in achieving baseball mastery. It’s necessary as both a parent and a coach to guide your younger children gently in overcoming this fear. Simple progressive ball skills remain the ideal way to overcome fear, as well as a way to build confidence. Start by rolling the ball towards your children until they pick it up effectively. Then increase the tempo gradually. The key to learning should allow the build up of speed equal to the child’s confidence. As they coordination grows start to throw soft balls. 

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Practice and games

Similarly using a baseball glove to count how many throws get caught in succession without dropping can help children get used to the feel and weight of a baseball, as well as how the glove responds to the ball.

Using the Bat

Swing practice remains a key to brilliant baseball techniques. Through repetition as well as muscle memory younger children will gauge how to swing and hit a baseball. Have younger children proactively practice swing. Lighter plastic balls help build their confidence while developing an effective baseball swing.

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Younger children learn through enjoying themselves. Remain light-hearted and keep up positive reinforcement. Your role as a coach using baseball training techniques will help keep your children learning essential baseball skills. Keep up energy and hydration through the supply of snacks as well as drinks. Make learning fun while allowing for children to develop their natural athletic ability and you’ll want to continue teaching baseball to younger children.