Friday, 25 February 2011

Italian Talk Show Host - Sara Varone and Berlusconi Tax Fraud charges

So If I have to force myself to get up every morning and watch TV, then maybe I should wish for a free subscription to Italian TV show "Buona Domenica", or in heathen English "Good Morning" - hosted by 38 year old Sara Varone. Now I have always been adverse to most Mainstream News, well for that fact, most Mainstream Television not only news..  apparently she has a Degree in Psychology from well, my sources say England France and Rome - so take your pick...

When in Rome do as the Romans do eh? 

But my main point is why is this an interesting image or persona? She is a TV presenter - so who exploits who? Why is her image alluring? Is the MSM presenting us with the idea and image of what is suppose to be beautiful?

Of course Italy is not adverse to sexual explotation - we hear of Berlusconi and his exploits, which are verging on the point of obscene - incidently he is now under Tax Fraud charges - yes if as that was a surprise!!

All images are exploits of what other people think they want us to feel.....

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