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What to Wear on St. Patricks Day The Irish Green Shirt Celebration 2015

What to Wear for a St Patricks Day Party 2015

The time has come to celebrate the world’s renowned celebration of St Patrick the Patron Saint of Ireland.  But the question remains what to wear to make you stand out? The following suggestions will ensure you arrive as the star of the party in true Irish style.

The predominant colour for this celebration is green. However further enhancements can make you stand out from the mass in this joyous celebration of Ireland.
Simplicity is the key

The all green t-shirt is an easy option for casuals. The decision of your t-shirt including a printed Irish superstar should be considered for more effect. However with additional Irish badges such as a leprechaun or even real shamrock (if available) will give the plain t-shirt a more festive celebratory spirit. Another popular fashion is to wear the Irish Tricolour flag as a drape. The look you want can be finished off with a symbolic broach or clasp to secure the flag around your shoulders.

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If you are particular fond of the Guinness drink, you may find that many places of celebration offer gifts linked to the amount of this beverage that is drunk. In England in 2010 Top Hats were emblazoned with not only the Irish clover symbol but the Guinness harp and brand colours to match its Irish origins.

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Business and professional
Wearing a green tie is a simplistic, nevertheless powerful statement. For the extra tie effect, try to go for a tie that includes Irish symbolism such as the shamrock or leprechauns. The Irish flag and harp are strong symbols. Fresh shamrocks can be placed on your jacket for dramatic effect.

Leprechaun look
You’re thinking of going out in style on St Patrick’s Day? This is hardcore but it gets you all the attention you deserve. To achieve this look is no mean feat. You will need to devote considerable time to get the right result. Firstly you need green shirt and trousers or skirt. Green shoes with either orange or alternatively orange and white laces. A green top hat is essential as well as a thick leather waist belt. A good idea here is to combine your upper torso with the colours of the Irish tricolour flag. So use a white shirt and orange tie and a green jacket. If you want the full look go with green face paint and bright orange wig.

Sporting tops
Considering the success and passion felt by the Irish for their sporting teams a sports top is a good choice. Not only does sport fulfil this passion but gives the party-goer sporting association. This association allows for the discussion of great sporting achievements to be discussed. The best Irish sports to choose are Rugby, Gaelic Football, Football, and Irish Boxers. In particular you would be very popular with Snooker and the legend of Alex Higgins.  

Why not opt for a funny approach to your clothes. Badges can often bring a dull t-shirt to life and there are no limitations on how many you can add. Popular badges include “Irish today hung-over tomorrow” and “Luck o the Irish” as well as more traditional “Happy St Patricks Day”.
Finding what to wear for the St Patricks Day celebration really is easy. Just remember to enjoy the occasion and party well. Avoid the obvious choices to give yourself a unique look.  Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona dhuit!