Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Tiger Lily And Rustic Blue Wood

Well it has been a while since I posted but I have been extremely busy creating a new photograph book based on Russian people. It is called Komrads. More of this to follow soon, but let’s take a quick look at a new image I have been working on. As you know I sell my art through many Commercial stock sites as well as POD (Print-on-Demand). It is the POD work that now takes up most of my time.

This image below looks pretty darn cool. I captured it on a very hot summer’s day; the blue wood behind it is actually an aging wooden fence of a house on “Communist Street” in Russia. The Lily’s seemed to really jump put at me as I walked past, so I had to capture this image.

Photography Prints

This wall art photograph is primarily intended for those who wish to invest in a vibrant image that would suit perfectly a white room wall or office interior. The Lily flowers in this image really do hit all of the senses. This art image is available as metal, wood, acrylic and framed poster as well as stretched canvas prints.

Take a look and invest today!

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