Saturday, 13 December 2014

Top 5 Analytics Tools for Social Media - Analysis Data for your Business

Top 5 Analytics Tools for Social Media - Analysis Data for your Business

As social media remains extremely viable in terms of marketing, business growth and promotion understanding the data through analysis remains the only viable option of gauging success. Top analytic tools offer exactly the correct solution for the analysis of social media as a business platform through identifying the responses and interaction of the social media users. 

Choosing a product from the top 5 analytics tool offers a business the optimum way to succeed in gathering intelligence. Providing a comprehension analysis of traffic, comments, type of visitor, as well as how they engage in social interaction around the social media platform proves invaluable in modern day Internet driven business.

Radian 6 covers many avenues of top social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and the various Blog platforms. Detailed analytic reports as well as charts provide ample information for the presentation to off-site clients or investors. Currently prices start at $600 per month. Expect a detailed, highly efficient package, for the monthly bill.

This excellent as well as highly affordable package offers real-time analytics with additional heat maps showing exactly where people are interacting with their social media. Data’s available from monthly, daily, and even hourly usage combined with the ability to produce detailed page level analysis. Snoop’s a brilliant feature allowing an analysis stream of active-user data directly to the owners desktop. A 14 day free trial and then a monthly $10 subscription make this an ideal choice.

Trendrr offers a viable source of intelligence based around a product, service or brand. The package includes both social media, as well as digital media, offering raking both in real time as well as historic data. With the ability to pull information from microblogs, blogs, and social networks Trendrr’s able to easily present data based on location, demographics, gender, celebrities, as well as influence. A free 14 day trial operates on this social media analytic tool.

Offering a superb listening platform Lithium focuses on gathering intelligence from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as smart phone applications with social media. The success of Lithium centres around presenting the data in a clear concise way offering users a way to act on the information provided by customers using social media.

Operating primarily for marketing and PR agencies this social media monitoring tool offers analytics based on the “buzz” surrounding user specified searches. One of the bonus features of using this tool remains the community of users sharing knowledge as well as standard FAQs. It’s like a members club which proves invaluable in contributing information.

Using analytics to monitor social media remains an essential part of any business operating through the Internet. Successful monitoring exists as a way to supervise success combined with the potential to penetrate while comprehending a desired market.  Understanding the patterns of the empowered customer helps turn a product, brand, or service into a steady reliable cash source. Choosing an analysis tool from the top 5 analytics programs offers a key insight into the intelligence of how people interact with social media.