Friday, 16 October 2015

New Art Up - "Soviet USSR Combine Harvester Abstract Cogs In Monochrome"

Just got this image Print for sale up in my new photography gallery...

Art Prints

It's a close up of an old Soviet USSR Combine Harvester that had seen better days. I took this photo very early on a grey morning in a very remote village in Russia - as I recall it was about 5.30 am and no sun, just a light drizzle and murky grey clouds. The aspect that amazes me about this long forgotten legacy of soviet agricultural strength, was the dignity and power of the machine as it faced the ravages of time....

I think this print would make an interesting focal point in any home decoration scheme - the print can be brought from my FAA (Fine Art America) gallery below - or click the thumbnail image above to go straight to the page

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