Sunday, 14 December 2014

Where to go to Celebrate Irish St Patricks Day in London Trafalgar Square

Where to go to Celebrate Irish St Patricks Day in London Trafalgar Square

Celebrating the Patron Saint of Ireland is a fantastic way to celebrate a distinctive cultural event within the city of London. Finding the right locations ensures your celebrations continue in uninterrupted style as day blends into night. With the Irish being the most travelled people in the world you will never have a lonely moment when it comes to celebrating.

The traditional date for this celebration is the 17th of March. However London precedes this date with a spectacular event in grand celebration in Trafalgar Square. It is referred to as the Mayors’ St Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival. The event held in 2014 attracted over 100,000 people from all walks of life.

Not only is the parade and festival a great way to start the celebration but it is also offers a unique display of Irelands many counties. Floats (displays on mobile transports) consist of music and dancers and Irish county specific regalia. The procession starts from Green Park and runs through Piccadilly, Lower Regent Street, Pall Mall, Trafalgar Square and finishes at Whitehall. The parade begins at Midday. 

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A main stage in Trafalgar Square will feature both contemporary and classical Irish music with the presence of a stunning dance troupe. The central concept behind this event is to open Irish culture to a family atmosphere. With the addition of Irish food, music and crafts it is a showcase as much as entertainment to all things Irish.

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March amongst the bars located within England’s capital city of London can present a tough decision. A choice Irish Pub, in its traditional sense, is The Tipperary on Fleet Street in EC4A. Expect to see a large Irish contingent and plenty of Irish Decoration as you celebrate in true Irish Style. Fleet Streets location is ideal as it is not too far from Trafalgar Square, and is easily short walking distance.

The very popular and sublimely decorated Waxy O’Connor’s bar offers a very unique style of d├ęcor with the charm of all things Irish. Waxy O’Connors is located on Rupert Street in W1D. The name Waxy O’Connor comes from the bar that originally existed in Dublin in 1788. The name coming from the profession of the owner, he was a candle maker. Waxy O'Connor's is an architectural labyrinth of four unique bars covering six levels. The levels and bars are linked by intertwining passages and staircases. Expect a big party crowd here.

For a more family event then try the idyllic and mesmerizing St Katherine’s docks. Very close to the Tower of London this secluded docks with magnificent yachts and boats on display seems like a world removed from the hustle of the city. The main attraction is the Medieval Banquet on the 17th of March. The Banquet is transformed into a full Irish spectacle with traditional Irish musicians and singers followed by a four course Irish themed dinner. The doors open at 7.15pm and the cost is £55 per person with unlimited ale and wine for the evening.

However you decide to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in London you will be sure to have a memorable experience in the modern capital of England that is London. Let the excitement and experience wash over as your relish this momentous and memorable day in true Irish style.