Thursday, 18 December 2014

What is Customer Service and it can affect your Company?

What is Customer Service and it can affect your Company?Many companies today are Customer based. Call centres, sales, help and advice, libraries, restaurants, banks, supermarkets, consultancy, market traders, social security offices, transport systems all have a customer in mind and therefore require customer service. Even inter-company departments should treat each other as customers on a daily basis. Interactions should be focused on how others perceive the group and the company at large.

Customer service evolves!

Weak customer service can put a company in a poor position, destroying its client base, reputation, and profits. In a dynamic working environment businesses need to ensure patron services is constantly tweaked to reach its full potential while creating additional company business. What worked one year ago may not be applicable today?

Customer service a perfect filtration device

Customer service is a filter, a conduit between the end-user or the customer and the company that has manufactured the item or provided the service. It is a focal point for all communication. Client service will answer and assist people with problems, queries, and resolving difficulties while ensuring that the customer is happy. The staff associated with service roles are front-facing, a direct link between the back business and the consumer. Interactions should always be positive and informative giving help a full resolution to the punter’s satisfaction.

What poor customer service smells like!

Experiences of poor shopper service make people unhappy, angry, and fearful of the company. This generates bad publicity as the disgruntled purchaser begins to talk amongst their friends and family about their experiences. Exemplary customer service generates a positive experience with beneficial publicity. Many businesses rely on the spoken word of a shopper to promote and pass on their publicity.

Negative customer service is not efficient from a monetary position. As the levels of complaints combined with anger rise, so the company must divert energy into resolving and answering high level complaints rather than diverting resources to service or product improvement. Consumer service staff should always be highly trained and motivated to give the customer the best experience.
It is a service based industry and manufacturing is often relocated to more opportunistic locations often outside the customers own country. Customer service is determining and exceeding a customer’s expectation. To promote the company results in the potential not only to retain the consumer’s custom but to generate future sales. It’s a fundamental law of business that a happy customer will continue to shop.

A happy customer is a valued customer

Customer service is ensuring the customers are getting the most benefit from the company they have purchased from or whose services they are using. It has to be of high standard as it is often the first experience an end-user will have with a company. Customer service should be modern, forward-thinking and pro-active. Everybody likes to be treated well and made to feel special. To accomplish this feeling, buyer service employees must appreciate the value of the punter and honor the company simultaneously.