Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Use of Wood and its Protection for the Player in the Minecraft Game

Minecraft combines many elements of gaming such as survival horror, resource collecting, and construction all set in a virtual world. Although the game’s new release was in June 2010, the graphics look very dated although with over 100 million subscribers the game is amazingly popular. However this fades into insignificance as Minecraft possess amazing game play which exceeds the stylish graphics most modern gamers see as a priority.

The virtual world in Minecraft consists of a world of cubes in which the layer can mine for different materials. However, to first mine the player needs to make items from wood. This wood in Minecraft comes from trees. Simply by tapping a tree, wood’s produced. This wood serves as the basic material for tools including axes as well as protection at night in the form of torches.

In addition, some blocks require crafting to turn into other materials. The game has many complexities making playing extremely invigorating. Add to this the survival horror element makes Minecraft an amazing, yet simple game. At night the monsters come out to attack the layer. If you’ve protected yourself by using fire torches and have built a suitable shelter you’ll survive the attack. These randomly spawned creatures range from zombies, skeleton archers, an exploding creeper, deadly spiders and gelatinous cubes. Each monster has its own attack method creating significant threats to the potentially unprotected player.

In darkened areas exist “Mob Spawners” - these will continue to produce monsters until destroyed through adequate lighting. These spawn points illustrate the need to craft wooden torches to eradicate threats from the monsters. In addition, wood can also craft weapons such as a bow and arrow.

During the day pigs, chickens, cows and sheep are found throughout the landscape. When these are killed by the player, they often drop useful resources like leather and various meats. The meats offer protection against zombie monsters allowing the player to heal. Leather can become crafted into protective vests offering some protection against monster attacks.

If killed in Minecraft, the player drops all his or her items and re-spawns. A time limit of five minutes exists for the player to return to their corpse and reclaim their dropped items.

As the game progresses players can advance technologies building devices to offer greater protection. Also the payer can build extensive constructions from advanced railway systems to secure castles with electricity. The game has no end point but allows a totally sandbox free-forming world to interact with. The game play provides the pure essence of gaming allowing players to progress however they wish.