Friday, 12 December 2014

My Amazon Self-Promotion Blog Kindle books currently available

Below you'll find a list of Kindle books I am currently promoting.

Simple easy-to-follow barbecue recipes and ideas, to help your cookout become the talk of the town. From vegetarian ideas, to games to play , and even traditional boiled rabbit you'll learn a whole new set of BBQ skills.
Chapters include:
Spring Barbecue Ideas
Food Ideas for Breakfast Barbecues
Best Games to Play at a Barbecue
Healthy Spring Barbecue Recipes
Boiled Rabbit Recipes for the Barbecue
Barbecue Food Ideas for Vegetarians
Why people choose to go Vegetarian 
Learn today how to make a barbecue a major social event!

Learn the skills needed to be a top item seller on eBay. Discover why selling international on eBay can help boost your sales. This book also helps identify what you can do to make your items stand out amongst the competition. Ascertain points that will guide you through the different elements of eBay helping you to succeed.
Having been an active seller on eBay for over 10 years and with over 5000 positive feedbacks John William’s skill in mastering eBay is unique.
Selling on eBay includes:
• Can I really make money on eBay?
• Selling on eBay: Quick tips at a glance
• Seller tips for eBay photos
• How to set your pricing on eBay
• eBay Quick Guide to Describing Item Conditions
• How to maximize bids by timing your listings on eBay
• eBay for beginners: Avoiding counterfeit items on eBay
• A guide to reserve auctions on eBay
• How can I avoid selling too low on eBay?
• How to evaluate sellers on eBay
• How to get feedback on eBay
• Understanding the eBay feedback system
• Avoiding negative feedback on eBay
• Tips for selling to international customers on eBay without using PayPal
• Understanding eBay bidding by Proxy and Automatic Bids
• Ways to lower seller risk on eBay
• What it costs to sell items on eBay
• A complete guide to drop shipping on eBay
• How to supplement your income using 

This book contains a series of short essays revolving around the Cultural aspects of England and its political systems. The book also looks at governmental positions throughout the world as well as offering an insight into Buddhist thoughts and ideas. Original refreshing insights into areas of social interest and research including:

• How UK government cuts will affect the public sector
• Political correctness: Do we have a voice anymore?
• Should public health be a priority to the governments of the World?
• The importance of beer in British society
• The role of television in society
• Why England UK is not known for its cooking recipes
• Buddhist Customs

These short essays conclude Social Science as a key to understanding how society functions.  

Simple yet motivational spring cleaning fun for your family and children provides essential tips to help get you started. Packed with a range of topics, now you'll always have handy tools to get your spring clean off to a flying start. Motivate your youngsters to help them learn the importance of order as well as exercise. Fun games will help your bond the family in this essential task.

With over 4000 words of helpful advice the Spring Cleaning Fun for the Family and Children covers such topics as:

• Why spring cleaning’s important
• Best songs for spring cleaning motivation
• Cleaning games for young children
• Tips to encourage children to help with spring cleaning
• Spring cleaning tips for families
• Spring cleaning what to donate and what to keep
• A quick guide to PC and notebook computer spring cleaning
• Ideal spring cleaning tips for Facebook

The importance of digital cleaning is also explored including USB/Facebook/Anti-Virus help. In addition handy advice on what to keep and what to sell!  

Learn from the Top Ten List of “How to...” that you never knew existed! A short range of articles, specially selected to bring you the key ideas behind such content as:

How to build a great relationship with your child's teacher
How to find the right shampoo for your hair
How to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes
How to identify rashes common to babies: Roseola, chicken pox, baby eczema and heat rash
How to improve your child's day-to-day eating
How to measure a light year
How to prevent itching after you shave
How to thicken soups
How to train a Beagle to hunt squirrels
How to overcome the embarrassment of swimming in public when you're overweight

Whether you're a parent with a child, a hunter, an astronomer, or concerned about your health and beauty - you'll find this Top 10 List of “How To...” impractical in your day-to-day life.