Saturday, 6 December 2014

Natural Ways to get Rid of Fleas

Fleas remain an annoying parasitic pest causing misery for thousands of household pets. Learning how to cope with the troublesome flea during the height of flea season will ensure your pets stay fit as well as healthy. Simple natural ways to get rid of fleas remains the ideal solution as these methods exclude exposing your pets and family to potentially harmful chemicals. One single flea can lay approximately a staggering 60 eggs a day so elimination of the parasite remains vitally important.

• A good wash helps kill fleas

Fleas are really ugly looking critters
Throw all your animals bedding into the washing machine. Simple washing will destroy the fleas residing in your animals bedding.

• Vacuum the fleas

Vacuum well around crevices, upholstered furniture cushions, as well as cool damp spots near where your pet sleeps or lives. Fleas live in these areas so pay particular attention to these vicinities. Send your dog outside so the fleas can’t re-infest your animal. It’s also advisable to put a flea collar in the vacuum bag to kill off the collected fleas. Seal the bag well while disposing of carefully to prevent the fleas escaping.

• Your back yard or garden

Clean away organic matter. Mow your lawn as well as trimming back foliage, exposing potential flea larvae to sunlight helps kill them off. Water well to flood out any flea larvae with the grass. Cover your garden area with Diatomaceous earth also known as diatomite or kieselgur. This abrasive soil physically cuts the fleas due to its incredible small size. The soil has a pumice stone feel to it. It’s also appropriate to integrate this soil into your house plants.

• Anti-flea plants in your house or garden

Plant pennyroyal lavender as well as mint in your house. Consider potting these plants in your garden too to as fleas feel instant repulsion to these wonderfully fragrant plants.

• Lemons for citric acid an effective anti-flea spray

Cut five lemons in half and steep in water for 4 hours. When the liquid has fully steeped spray as a mist onto your animal. The citric acid will kill the fleas. In addition to the anti-flea citric spray process, wash you pet in soft shampoo or child shampoo. This soft shampoo prevents the bites becoming itchier. After shampooing comb your animal with a fine tooth comb, collecting the fleas. Quickly drop the fleas into a cup of water or alcohol. When you’ve finished the combing process flush the fleas down the toilet.

• Salt to kill fleas

Sprinkle salt on your carpet leave overnight. Then vacuum up the salt as well as the dead fleas on the following day. The sodium in salt will kill off the fleas in a natural way.

Getting rid of fleas using natural ingredients remains a simple process. Using ingredients that exist in every household remains the ideal way of destroying this harmful parasite. For continual protection wash your pets bedding at least once a week while vacuuming at least every other day. Fleas can develop immunity against some treatments so a good vacuum ensures the majority of the infestation gets disposed of quickly. Using natural ingredients to destroy this pest, ensures you and your family live free from any harmful chemical by-products. Your pets will also thank you for using effective natural remedies to kill off their troublesome fleas.