Friday, 26 December 2014

How EyeLock and Password Safe will help keep data and social media accounts secure

As the Internet expands into nearly every aspect of people’s lives greater security’s required to keep information secure from prying eyes. Manually typing in passwords remains prone to attacks through key-loggers secretly installed through Trojan attacks on unsuspecting computers. 

However a new device called the EyeLock will ensure that keeping data secure remains a simple task. The Hoyos Group Company has developed the EyeLock to plug into the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port of a computer.  

Keeping your Social Media Passwords Safe

The device uses the user’s retinal eye imprint to access such sites as your Facebook account, eBay, Gmail, PayPal, and on-line banking and helps keep your Password Safe.

In addition to website password security EyeLock also works for other password protected applications. The advantage of EyeLock over other contemporary retinal scanners remains its portability. Simply plug it into the USB on a laptop to offer portable security. EyeLock will prove useful when travelling overseas or working from PCs without trusted anti-spyware security.

After initial installation the device will ask which Internet sites want iris protection. After confirmation the EyeLock will then capture the user’s iris print as its central security signature. Each time access to a protected site’s required, just simply hold the EyeLock wand to the eye for instant iris recognition.

Is it really unhackeable?

Hoyos claim the device is un-hackable yet hackers have always remained extremely resourceful in overcoming new challenges. Basic fingerprints have 18 unique points for identification yet the iris has over 2,000 such points offering increased robustness in establishing the identity of the user. In addition Hoyos have cleverly combined EyeLock with a unique key pass system working in conjunction with the iris scan. Each time a scan takes place a unique key gets generated providing an additional security layer. This key combines with the iris scan to allow the recognised user to enter the website or application. Each key’s unique and changes at the next log in.

I prefer using Password Safe as it's a simpler approach to storing passwords etc.

The cost of Eye-lock

The EyeLock will become widely available on the consumer market for a low price ensuring a feasible additional security tool to protect information. Preventing fraud, as well as loss of personal information, remains a necessity as more information passes through the Internet. 

An additional security layer, stronger than traditional passwords or existing biometric data, remains the perfect solution for increased Internet defence. The EyeLock looks certain to prove especially useful in maintaining Internet security while helping to keep data secure. As technology advances, so too do the security systems ensuring information remains were it belongs.