Saturday, 20 December 2014

How the 17 Day Diet Works

As you know dieting remains an important way of loosing those unwanted extra pounds. Every new diet trend seems to offer the perfect solution. Loosing body fat in the fastest way possible remains everybody’s desire. So what makes The 17 Day Diet plan rise above the others?

The 17 day diet actually lasts longer than 17 days. In fact the scope for the diet is 54 days but each segment of the diet covers a separate issue. Sounds intriguing? So let’s take a look at the separate components of the diet.

Days 1– 17
Accelerate phase
This start stage makes your body get into a calorie negative state. Reducing your daily intake to around 1200 calories remains the goal. Lean-meat and non-starchy vegetables are essential.

Days 18-34
Activate phase
This is the trick part of the 17 day diet. By increasing you calorie intake to approximately 1500 calories a day, you are preventing your body from sowing down its metabolism to the 1200 calories a day norm.

Days 35-51
Achieve phase
Now the diet focuses primarily on a balanced approach with the addition of some fruits and oats into the diet. Lean-meat is reduced as a contrast. A small alcohol beverage is permitted along with a tiny snack of around 100 calories.

Days 52 and beyond
This stage involves maintaining all three levels previously and ensuring the body stays within a low carb zone. If a person adds 5 pounds in weight they must return to the activate stage.

The diet works primarily by forcing the body into a calorie negative zone. This reduction in intake of calories makes the body rely on its own fat levels as a source of energy. The healthy foods such as wheat, lean meat, and non starchy vegetables keep the body free from high carbohydrate foods.

The diet does eventually allow some freedom with the addition of 2 treats (alcohol and a small snack) during the Achieve phase. However the option of binging is out of the question. If you put on another 5 pounds you need to reset the diet back to phase 2, the activate phase.

However the diet while dealing with calorie intake only ignores the aspect of mental conditioning that creates an overeating issue in the first instance. The diet may be considered hard-work to those who are physically active as the calorie intake remains low. However with careful consideration weight-loss is achievable using the 17 day diet. Just remember to consult with your doctor prior to starting any diet.