Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Hottest Mens Hair Cuts for 2015

Moving through the year 2015 a distinctive new phase in men’s haircuts has begun to emerge. Hot from the celebrity dominance within mainstream culture, stardom continues making a heavy impact on this year’s hottest haircuts. Traditional haircuts still have a presence, while stronger modifications of history defining haircuts remain powerful title contenders for 2015’s most sizzling haircuts. The following haircuts highlight the hottest haircuts available.

• Faux Hawk
The faux hawk’s a much tamed down version of the full Mohawk haircut. Its style represents a rebellious, rough, faded, mini-Mohawk. The sides remain traditionally longer than the original Mohawk so they remain non-shaved. A modest middle length allows for central spiking of the man’s hair to create a central prominent spike. Spiking becomes functional through the application of gel or moulding wax, and then shaped or blown as required.

• Buzz cut
The very familiar buzz cut rages strong as one f the hottest men’s haircuts in 2015. Its simplicity combined with ease has always made this haircut a winner for all men. A buzz cut can easily be achieved by shaving the head with clippers, leaving a minimal amount of hair on the head. It has the advantage in that it requires no products to keep in shape, its quick drying, and stays in shape throughout sports exercise.

• Spiky
Always popular the spiky haircut remains a common choice. The wearer of this fairly modern haircut can either opt for a full length all-over spike application, making each spike formed and distinctive, or instead can opt to have the hair a medium length with spikes taking on a more chaotic less-defined look.

• Messy
The total paradox hairstyle remains a strong contender for the hottest haircut in 2015. This messy style drives at creating a totally disorganised, mess of hair. The impression remains to create an unkempt look; to project the image that no maintenance ever occurs with this man’s hair. Yet the paradox remains that this haircut requires specific styling combined with a quality hair product for the hottest finish. It may look low-maintenance but the messy hairstyle requires effort to keep the unshorn look.

• Razor hairstyles
Maintaining a steady influence over 2015m the razor-cut has two very unique elements. Firstly it allows for longer hair growth with an increased presence of hair texture due to the razor cutting. Secondly the razor-cut adds a multi-layered effect to the hair, generating depth and complexity.

• Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle
Named after the famous footballer this hairstyle exists as a multifunctional haircut. It can easily change through styling and product use to become a faux hawk, spiky, or even messy giving the wearer multiple haircut options within a single haircut. The starting style for this haircut is simply short sides, with a slightly longer top length. Previously known as “short-back-and-sides” the Ronaldo haircut remains a classic evolution of hair design. Hair product use then allows for the implementation of alternate styles.

With so many hot styles to choose from 2015 looks like becoming a defining year in men’s haircuts. Choosing the perfect haircut generates a new feeling of confidence to emanate from you. Making a define statement about the type of person you are, remains the key behind excellent fashion sense. These hottest haircuts will give you plenty of inspiration to become a fashion leader standing out from the crowd.