Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Hot Summer Fitness Trends for 2015

Get yourself fitter today by following the latest summer fitness trends of 2015 for the truly active lifestyle you desire. Have you discovered the latest summer fitness craze sweeping the world, it’s called Piloxing. Or what about the latest mobile phone apps for the summer of 2015. One of the main movers in fitness trends for 2015 includes the newly designed “buddy system” employing social media to help promote your active fitness sessions.

• The newest fitness craze sweeping America Piloxing
The latest top workout buzz used by top celebrities combines both the pilates exercise routine with the energetic yet rewarding boxing styles to give you the optimum workout schedule. Featuring on the cover pages of many lifestyle as well as celebrity magazines this newly designed exercise gives you a unified way of working out, helping you to match the physiques of the latest Hollywood stars.

• Mobile Phone Apps

Using your smart phone features strongly in the summer fitness trends for 2015. Simple to install apps for your smartphone can help boost your overall fitness regime. Easy-to-follow guidelines make installation as easy as increasing your fitness. Consider the latest apps of 2015 as your helping hand in gaining the physique you truly desire.

Nike+ GPS
For the iPhone
cost $1.99

This latest fitness app remains an ideal choice both for runners and joggers as it talks constantly talks to your smartphone’s inbuilt GPS sensor. The benefits include helping to plot your route, while giving you up-to-date information on a clearly displayed map of your run. One of the key benefits for this fitness trend for 2015 includes mid-run cheers helping to keep you motivated during your run.

Calorie Counter Fat Secret app features in the latest summer fitness trends for 2015

For the Android
cost free

Discovering your optimum diet while exercising remains the ideal way to lose weight. In addition this app helps you increase your overall fitness. Maintaining a healthy exercise regime’s no use if you’re dieting on the wrong type of foods. This useful app helps you establish effectively specific calorie counts, as well as nutritional information about the foods you eat helping you keep in touch with the latest fitness trends of 2015.

This latest fitness app gives you information on a selection of foods readably available from everyday super-markets. In addition the calorie counter app also keeps a record of what you’ve eaten, helping you to analyse your diet in contrast to your programmed goals.
The summer fitness 2015 Buddy System trend

The latest buzz sweeping 2015 includes connecting with a social buddy to help boost your fitness levels. The buddy system helps push you harder during you exercise routine, helping you gain an extra boost to your fitness levels. By connecting with social media such as Facebook or MyYearBook finding a buddy remains extremely easy. In addition peer groups such as work based workout groups will feature heavily as a key motivator to increased levels of fitness. Being able to communicate with your friends and colleagues will help provide you with the increased social determination required to encourage you to greater levels of fitness.

The buddy system remains a new social innovation to the latest summer fitness trends of 2015.
Getting yourself fitter in 2015 only requires application of the latest summer fitness trends of 2015. If you want to boost your workout through the newly designed piloxing routine, or through downloading the latest apps for your smartphone, the way to an improved sense of wellbeing remains only seconds away. Take advantage of the buddy system to give you that increased sense of competition. Use social media to help boost your physical incentives in the latest summer fitness trends of 2015.