Saturday, 6 December 2014

Dog of the Dogs - Why the Creators of the Game Dog Wars for iPhone Have Issues

Dog Wars by Kage Games, LLC remains is a free video game app running on the Android mobile phone technology. It’s a beta game which means it’s still under development with the initial aim to increase awareness amongst phone users with the aim of selling the game for profit at a later point or selling in-game virtual items.

The tagline for the game immediately causes concern “Raise your dog to beat the best”. The essence of the game is to raise a street-fighting dog, training it to kill and maim other dogs thereby raising your street cred or credibility. The gangster style background as well as music reinforces the stereotypical view of this illegal cruel activity.

It’s certainly an imitation of the famous tamagotchi virtual pet; however the use of violence against other dogs within the game can never become suitable as a form of media entertainment. It’s certain that the level of violence within the iPhone game “Dog wars” will never allow this game to feature in the iPhone app store and rightly so.

The game involves feeding, watering, and training your dog to fight other player’s dogs. The social aspect of the game involves players uniting from around the world. Enhancements to the dog can be purchased at a virtual store, releasing more money into the creators of this violent deplorable game.

Beyond the violence of the game itself, it becomes apparent that the creators Kage Games are feasting on negative adverse publicity to promote their game. The resounding negative attitude of the creators appears to shout down those who are already protesting about the games content. Their attitude clearly displays arrogance in ensuring the people protesting remain silent.

They list the game as a High Maturity app with no breaching of the Google market in Terms of Use yet hiding behind such guidelines remains irresponsible as the creators know this game will re played by younger players.

The initial release of this Android app game features a traditional tip section advising how you can train your dog to fight well. Success is measured in codes which allow for effective boasting on the internet about how violent your dog fights. This negative boasting however leads to social influence amongst gamers both in the virtual world as well as the real world. Can it ever remain advisable for children or adults for that matter to learn about how to train dogs for fighting and killing other dogs as a form of entertainment?

Games for the Android iPhone should face censorship as in all forms of media. However enforcing this censorship with mobile technology remains almost impossible in the 21st century. Dog fighting is a wicked cruel and also criminal activity and should never be considered or sold as a form of viable entertainment. Controversial marketing hides the fact that this iPhone Android beta game remains a despicable and tasteless form of entertainment.