Saturday, 20 December 2014

After Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips and Importance of Support Girdles

Giving birth puts a massive strain upon your body. It’s understandable how you’ll have put on additional weight during your pregnancy, fundamentally for the safety and well-being of your child. This is natural. However what to do after your successful birth and how to lose stubborn weight can cause you some concern? Firstly you need to give your body 2 to 3 weeks to settle down to a normal biological state. Then you can look at how to shift that post-pregnancy weight. I strongly recommend the 3 in 1 Breathable Elastic Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle Belt for Women and Maternity. It’s vitally important that you keep healthy, as well as eating well after the pregnancy is over. Excellent health remains essential for you as well as your newborn in loosing post-pregnancy weight.

Your high calorie intake is important
Make sure you stay within 1800-2000 calories a day. It may sound surprising but you’ll need to keep up a good calorie count to help take care of your child. Sufficient calories will ensure you have energy to burn off that extra weight you accumulated during the pregnancy. Remember your baby will take the food you eat, so keep away from unhealthy fat laden junk as well as processed food.

Eat when you’re hungry there’s no need to starve
Trying to limit your food intake after pregnancy as a way of losing weight remains a bad idea. Your body needs extra food to keep out of starvation mode, where your body will accumulate additional fat as well as consuming muscle fiber. Eating healthy foods as you fell will ensure your new-born child gets the necessary energy they need.

Breastfeeding your child remains the most natural food source possible. It’s the healthiest way possible to feed your child. Yet it also consumes a staggering 500 calories a day. By keeping to a level 1800-2000 calories a day, and through breastfeeding you will keep your body in a calorie negative state that will help you lose weight after pregnancy.
Exercise through walking with your baby
Walking with your newborn, in a suitable buggy, can help you bond with your child through exposure to natural sounds and colors, as well as helping you burn of additional calories. A simple active 30 minute walk a day will help your metabolism boost towards helping you lose weight after your pregnancy.

A good post-pregnancy diet
Good dieting needs not become painful. Include fruits, smoothies, fresh natural juice, vegetables, and whole grains (which remain high in fiber as well as additional vitamins) to lose weight during the nursing phase of pregnancy. A good healthy diet will help your body readjust to your pre-pregnancy shape, as well as helping you lose additional weight.
Keeping a regular calorie intake remains essential to helping you lose weight after your pregnancy. Regular exercise as well as a positive healthy diet remains good for both you and your child. Breastfeeding uses a staggering amount of calories so ensure you body stays well within normal limits to counteract this extra caloric subtraction.

Keeping fit through simple activities, while eating well ensures you can help burn off the extra weight and water content you had to absorb during your pregnancy. Good weight loss requires a good diet, simple activity, and keeping a healthy nutritious diet after you pregnancy is over.