Tuesday, 23 December 2014

5 Exercises you can do at the Office

Simple Desk Excercises can make you fitter

Simple exercises like using a DeskCycle Desk Exercise at the office can help alleviate a feeling of inactivity while helping you to stay trim and fit. Building easy-to-do exercise routines can help formulate a healthy active break from the sedate workspace that defines the modern workplace. With easy to follow examples you’ll become amazed at how exercising at work fits into you daily routine at the office. Boosting your exercise quota at work helps combine two necessary events within your daily schedule.

Walking in your lunch break
Walking is a phenomenal way of exercising. It fits easily into your day with no additional equipment or training required. Begin walking by choosing a suitable path and use a pedometer or Google Earth to find how far the distance is in metres or km. A simple 30 minute walk will boost your general fitness.

Walking within work
Walk to random work orientated places while holding a file, related to work. This way you have a valid excuse for stealth exercises if anyone questions your motivation. This remains ideal if you have additional floors to walk to. Always take stairs as opposed to elevators wherever possible. Make valid work-related excuses why you need to see people at the other end of the office to increase your activity.

Butt exercises while you sit
I know this will make you laugh but it is worth it I promise. In a smooth controlled manner, gradually tense your butt cheeks, aiming to raise yourself an inch or two whilst staying seated in your chair. Hold this position for a few seconds ideally in the 3 – 10 second range. Then relax your muscles and repeat. The movement is only small, basically shrinking the size of your buttocks at the side.

Simple wrist stretches
Working at a computer desk daily can put your wrists at a huge risk for carpel tunnel syndrome or tendentious if you don’t exercise properly. To combat this potential injury, gently apply pressure to the back of the hand, enabling the fingers to point down towards the floor, stretching the top of the wrist. To exercise the muscles on the underside of the arm, just reverse the above process: Use the opposite hand to press against the finger tips so they point towards the ceiling.

Calf stretches
Stand in front of your desk or suitable table to start this exercise. Place your hands on the desk for support. Lift yourself up onto the balls (front area behind the toes) of your feet. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds, and then lower yourself back down to the floor. Repeat as sets of 10. This is great for toning your calf muscles.

Get a DeskCycle Desk Exercise Today and start getting fitter whilst you work 

Simple work exercises can help you stay fit and trim while working. These exercises easily fit in around your daily work, so they can be applied whenever you require. There’s no reason to allow the work office to make you feel unhealthy. Begin today to feel massive improvements into your general fitness and wellbeing. Extend the office into your personal gym and you’ll become amazed with the results.