Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Into the Dreaming Fields... The Perception of Time

The essence of understanding time reveals what we understand about the world. For everybody time is equal. Perhaps medication or illegal substances can devolve the perception of time to a reduced flow, yet the passing of time remains largely equivalent. Indeed the perception of time is what creates the concept that time is running out, that pressure existing to pressure our minds into moving our physical body with increased alacrity.

As the mind therefore is the creator of the perception of time, it remains necessary to train it to understand the ability to reduce error reporting throughout the fields of time perception.

When people get themselves into a fix over how little time they have this is not true. It’s just that they can not do everything they want to do with the time they have. The human mind can create a thousand tasks, but time will not flex to allow this to occur – no matter how much strain we exert or symptoms of distress we so dramatically illustrate.